Revise your multiplication tables!
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Do you remember how much is 13×9? Maybe you can refresh your memory, and help your children to learn the multiplication tables while playing. Multipleo for iPhone allows you to select a table, or a range of tablets play with! Multipleo has switchable sound effects. A statistics page provides the parents with information on the best and worse results for each multiplication table. Enjoy!

Before starting, press the gear icon on the bottom of the screen. Then choose the table or the set of tables you want to play with, and press the Done button when you’re ready.

Press the start button. When you miss the right answer, Multipleo will save the mistaken proposition, and will display it again later. The random generator has been built so that all the table has been revised every ten draws (or more if you made mistakes!). When finished, press the stop button and you will get your result and the time needed to answer.


Press the loudspeaker icon to desactivate/activate sound effects.


The statistics button allows you to follow your kid’s results. You can see on which multiplication tables he or she has trouble and help them to do better.

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