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An AI to mutate speech into text

Increase your productivity dramatically using our application designed for journalists, scientists, press officers, executive assistants, students…


Our tools have been designed and crafted by a french journalist and developer for his own needs. Exclusively for MacOS, in French and English.



Chuchotis for MacOS

An artificial and human intelligence to transcribe speech into text

From speech to text, in a few clicks

Chuchotis allies the power of artificial intelligence whisper made by OpenAI and tools to enhance transcription quality.

Just drag n’ drop an audio or video file and start transcription. After a few minutes, speech as been transcribed into text segments that you can export to a word processor, a website or as subtitles for your videos.

You can select a range to transcribe using the beginning and ending cursors, select transcription quality and ask its English translation if needed. You can also suggest word or expressions to help the AI transcription process.


Once the transcription is done, you can replay any segment, modify or erase it.

Troubled segments have been identified. You can delete them or ask for a new transcription for these.

Sentences can be merged, according to the punctuation suggested by the AI.


Chuchotis creates text compatible with most word processors, using DOCX and RTF file formats. Transcription can also be copied/pasted to a Web content management system or saved as subtiles (SRT) to be used for your video footages.

Which audience?

Qwaz applications target many activities


Printed and internet media


Human and social sciences


Course trancription, reports…

Press officers

Press release and brief preparation


Minutes of meetings and conferences

Film makers

Subtitles, and voice translation preparation


Letter and report dictations

Medics & paramedics

Examination reports


Marketing interviews and polls


Forensics, psychatrists, ajusters…

Secret agents

They alone know why!

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