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«When you lack a tool, craft it!».

IMG_2135After being a research scientist, a teacher and a software developer, I became a journalist 27 years ago as a staff member of french journals like SVM, Le Monde and Liberation. As a freelancer since 2007, I’ve worked for varied print media in Switzerland (Le Temps), France (Science & Vie, La Recherche, Alternatives Internationales, Tout Comprendre) and French-German  Arte Future. I was editor in chief of La Terre au carré, a french daily program broadcasted on France Inter public radio in 2019-2020, before I left to work again as a freelancer.

The evolution of journalism and the newspaper crisis makes everyday more essential the issue of working efficiency, whether you are a freelancer or not. That’s why, after having designed a journalist-dedicated word processor in 2003, I started to create the mobility tools that were missing.

After 33 months of nightly development, and intensive tests in my daily work, I am very proud to present my  first applications: Qwaz Audio for iPhone and Qwaz Pro for iPad will seduce journalists and many other professionals. These two softwares will continuously evolve, with one catchphrase: work more efficiently and write better!

                           Denis Delbecq, PhD


We propose custom versions of Qwaz Audio and Qwaz Pro for your company.
• We can provide you with procedures to exchange data with your content management system (CMS), workflow customization, security features…
• Please contact us for information and quotation.


Nordic Factory, for flag icons
Ngrafx for application icon
Nicolas & Léonard D., for their precious help
Clémentine D. for her support
Jean-Michel Orion

To Rose, she will soon recognize herself…

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Privacy in our applications

All applications developed and sold by Leonardo Labs do not collect any information about the users and their devices. We strictly enforce the privacy rules defined by Apple.

Microphone usage. When Qwaz application (exists for iPhone, iPad and MacOS) requires the use of the microphone, it is to record audio at the user will. None of these applications are able to record without the user intervention.

Speech recognition. Some of Qwaz applications use a speech recognition technology. This speech recognition is processed only in the application’s device. No data is uploaded to any server from Leonardo Labs or any third party. Speech recognition is used when the user intend to control the audio player with his voice.

Contacts use. Some of Qwaz applications may require access to your personal contacts to send a file by email. The mail is processed by the device Mail application, not in Qwaz application. No data is saved in the application or upload to any server.

• Qwaz is registered at  french Institut national de la propriété intellectuelle (INPI) by Denis Delbecq.
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