Qwaz Audio (Mac Edition)

MacBook-Pro-15Qwaz Audio was designed and crafted by a french journalist & developer to assist manuel transcription from recording into text and save precious time. Decreasing playing speed to adapt to the typing vélocité, the application redues dramatically the pause/rewind/resume cycles that waste much time. Using Qwaz® technology, the original voice (or music) pitch is maintained, offering the best conditions to work fast.

The application offers many features to increase transcription efficiency, such as Automatic rewind on pause or Audio marks insertion. Qwaz Audio can be used besides any word-processor. Once settings are made, the application is fully controlled using key-equivalents to reduce mouse usage and save time.

Designed for journalists and social scientists, Qwaz Audio is also essential for musicians, in assisting par music transcription.



• Two adjustable  speeds for slow and high speed audio playing.

• Tunable automatic rewind on pause, to resume transcription more efficiently after a pause.

• Input gain setting to correct uncomfortable recording levels (too loud or too weak).

• Haptic-simulated button for a very precise position setting in short or long recordings.

• Control buttons key-equivalents to reduce mouse usage.

• Audio marks to retrieve parts in a recording.

• Automatic settings storing for each recording.

• Read-only access to recordings, to prevent against file corruption.

• Available in english and french for MacOS 10.11 and later.

• Free version with 3-minutes limit on audio playing

• In-App Premium version purchase to remove any limitations


MacOS® is a trademark of Apple®.

Qwaz® is a trademark of Denis Delbecq.

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