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    The idea of a multi-purpose energy converter appeared as the Deepwater Horizon rig exploded and spilled oil in the Gulf of Mexico. As authorities published spill rate in gallons per hour, we needed to calculate how much tons would be spilled in a month or year time, to compare with major spills such as Exxon Valdez in Alaska or Amoco Cadiz in France.

    Energy Toolbox converts many types of energy, mass, volume of numerous fuels: gases (natural gas, hydrogen, propane…), liquids (gasoline, crude oil, liquid natural gas…) or solids (coal, lignite, nuclear fuel…). It also co,verts MPG car fuel autonomy into liter per 100 km, as used in Europe. All conversions can be made for different duration, eg US gal/h into oil-equivalent tons/year.

    Energy Toolbox features also a power (electricity) production comparator, from installed capacity and annual availability  (in percentage). For example 20% for solar, or 70% for a nuclear plant. 

    All sources for energy content come from reputable organisations or scientists. These sources can be modified by the user, in order —for instance— to use standard data from his company.

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